Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still need assistance then please feel free to contact us on our contact page.

Our Pool ID is ad709eb28c6e98eee65ac4022cf6219258dc4907d704c286e6ca047f . You can also search Citrus Pool by using our ticker “CTRS🍊” 

There’s no minimum or maximum in regards to delegating. We always suggest to our users that if you’re not going to be trading a specific amount then stake it so you can make passive income on your investment. Your stake is not frozen with us, you can remove it at any time.

There is not upfront cost with staking with citrus but we do have a set fee that is deducted from each reward. Our fees are as follows:

  • 340 ADA per Epoch . This fee is split across the whole pool evenly not one specific user so as we gain more user you may not even notice this fee
  • 5% of your reward per epoch.

Citrus Pool and no other stake pool should request you to send them ADA directly. All of the staking is done in your wallet of choice and you can choose how much to stake and when you would like to stake. 

Get more information on staking on our staking page

An epoch in the Cardano network is a measurement of time. This measurement equates to about 5 day each epoch. So a new epoch will start at then end of each epoch on an every 5 days schedule.

You can use your ADA at any time even while in the middle of staking. However if you take out your ADA before you receive your reward for the epoch then you would have to wait until the following epoch where you left your stake in for the full 5 days of staking.

For our US users we personally suggest using Binance  US here .

For none US user is a great option also. 


Your reward will be sent at the end of the following epoch. We created a 2020-2021 pay schedule for you to review here